Eyebrows are an extremely important feature of your eyes. They give expression to your entire face. Whether they are sparse, too short or not apparent, we will redraw your eyebrows one hair at a time or fill them up completely according to your needs or taste. We will match the color closely to your hair also taking into account your age and the color of your skin for the best results. You will notice a very natural result where the pigment merges smoothly into your eyebrows giving them a clean , neat and very personalized curve. Your features will be intensified, without being hardened.


Using a more or less pronounced pencil stroke, according to the make-up effect you are looking for, we will emphasize the base of your upper and/or lower eyelashes to give more intensity to your eyes. It will look like you have  more eyelashes and your eyeliner will be accentuated according to your preference. If, in addition, you are a fan of eyelash extensions, the effect will be even more striking. It will no longer be necessary to add extensions.


We can redraw the contour of your mouth to correct any irregularities, around the edges of your lips, to give them volume or to restructure them. We can use subtle pigments for a natural look or darker pigments for a pencil-contour effect. If your lips are too pale we use a technique called “filling” to enhance their color by implanting the pigment in a graduated manner to produce a hemmed effect. Your mouth will permanently regain its youthful radiance and vitality.